FAQ's for Students

Why should I find a job with PickTiki?

Over the summer what are the three things we as students look for?

1.     An epic summer adventure

2.     A kickass job to fuel our pockets

3.     Experiences and memories to last a lifetime

Pick Tiki encompasses all these aspects in a way that is tailored to suit YOU as a New Zealand youth or those individuals who is young at heart. We understand fruit picking is hard work and we want you to get the best deal possible to do it. Pick Tiki ensures employers are looking those willing young or young at heart people to find help with transport, accommodation, and pastoral care if you need it. Because Pick Tiki helps accommodate for students and youth, Pick Tiki employers will understand your needs. You can get a team together or be asked to be placed in jobs with other individuals of similar age. There will be a helpline available and Pick Tiki staff traveling the country putting on BBQ’s, rainy day activities, and helping make your summer experience the best it can be.  

How much will I get paid?

The average wage per hour sits between $18.90 - $22.00 depending on your employer. Some employers may offer a higher rate. Everyone is guaranteed $18.90 with opportunities available to earn more depending on how much you pick/thin. 

Am I eligible for Pick Tiki?

You must be at least 16 years old. Pick Tiki is targeted towards young people however it also accommodates for those who are young at heart as Pick Tiki wishes to support everyone wanting to join the Horticultural industry. 

How will I get paid?

Every employer you work for will pay you directly. We can help you so that you have the right information on hand to give to your employer, so you get paid.

What are my work hours?

You are guaranteed 30 hours a week but will most likely be able to work more. A lot of employers will ask if you can work 6 days a week which just means more money for you! It’s up to you and the employer to decide your hours.

Can I stay/work in a group with my friends?

Yes. When you each are applying for a job tell the employer you are part of a group.

How will we get around?

If you have your own transport then that’s great! Otherwise you can filter to only apply for jobs that include transport solutions.

What about accommodation and food?

If you are able to sort out your own accommodation that that’s great. If not, many of our employers can help with this or even provide housing on-site. There are plenty of cheap backpackers in the regions that will be great crash pads for you and your mates and we will keep updating our list of these.

How long will I be working for?

Start dates are flexible. To be eligible for Pick Tiki a minimum 4-week commitment is needed but there are opportunities to work through until the end of February and beyond.

Can I get Christmas and New Year’s off?

Yes, but you’ll be missing out on lots of extra money. You can either indicate you are unavailable for this time when you register or sort this out with your employer when you are applying for jobs.

Do I need to have certain skills to work?

No skills are necessary, you will be properly trained on the orchard. If you have had previous experience or skills that you think will be suitable on orchard please let the employer know in the application (i.e. machinery, picking, thinning, leadership skills etc…). Being relatively fit will definitely help with this work as it involves being outside on your feet each day.

What do I need to apply?

All you need is yourself.  On the facebook page we will list jobs that we have checked match the requirements to be part of Pick Tiki. You are welcome to apply to these jobs if you are young or young at heart and can fulfill the requirements of the employer.

What will the employers be like?

Employers registering jobs for Pick Tiki are screened and are all certified to be meeting Global and NZ Good Practice requirements. We encourage you to treat them with respect and they will do the same for you.

Will there be activities for me to get involved in?

Yes! We're currently planning some cool activities that Pick Tiki employees can get involved in- watch this space. This could be anything from a BBQ, beach/lake trip, or camp games. During your weekends we encourage you to get a group together and to get involved in organised events in your region such as concerts, adventure tourism, or getting out in nature.

What is the best Pick Tiki region to pick?

This year Central Otago is looking like the place to be. Known for its awesome weather, great walks and hikes, multiple tourist activities, and Rhythm and Alps it’ll be a great time.

If you prefer the North Island, Hawkes Bay is a stunning place to set up for the summer. Music festivals, being close to the beach and great places to grab a bite to eat make it ideal